GROK: Genealogical Relations of Knowledge

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Funded by the EPSRC and the ESRC as part of the E-science programme in collaboration with the Royal Anthropological Institute

Genealogies of knowledge - developing anthropological middleware to support fieldwork-based social science

An E-science middleware project

Directors: David Zeitlyn, Michael Fischer and Nick Ryan


The main aim of the project is to design, implement and deploy support for components of key research processes in fieldwork-based social science. In particular, we will address

1) support for bibliographic research (references and full text extracts) so 'standard' bibliographic references in AIO will have links to relevant full-text sources automatically added

2) support for interactive collection and aggregation of data during fieldwork

3) support for the consolidation, analysis, modelling and dissemination of fieldwork data.

Results: some interactive interfaces

TagCloud interface to AIO

New interface to AIO with visualisations

Genealogies of knowledge - anthropological middleware to support fieldwork-based social science